Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Life Sends You Lemons...

I had a feeling that shaping a hard boiled egg was not going to be easy for me. So when Mr. Egg cracked under interrogation, I had to turn him into a demonic dragon/PacMan with a pea for an eye. This should excite merriment among Jan's lunch bunch. Also a few quietly raised eyebrows as in "What is the matter with her really?"

He is resting on sesame noodles. Jan also has tuna-tofu miso burgers with key lime for squeezing over; salad leftover from last night; and sweet potato date bread with cream cheese hearts on top, and orange sections, for dessert.

This sweet potato bread is super. I've never made it before and got the recipe from Taste of Home, my all-time favorite home cooking type recipe magazine. If you end up with extra sweet potatoes I can wholeheartedly recommend turning them into a quick bread - this recipe is fast and they bring a ton of moisture (just like carrots in carrot cake). I had a slice with a glass of cold milk for dessert last night and it was perfect.

My bento has an umeboshi onigiri surrounded with carrot slices and a soy bunny; hard boiled egg with cheese hearts and a cherry tomato; sweet potato bread with orange sections and almonds. Not enough vegetables really but the bread takes up a lot of real estate. Maybe I'll pack some more carrots on the side.


  1. OMG! I love the drangon-y-pac-man egg!!! He is so cute!!! Do your hubby's co-workers think u r nuts? My hubby says he gets strange looks from his all the time when he eats his bento! :)

  2. Yes! the co-workers are a combination of envious and highly skeptical about my sanity. "Oh! that's....nice", is about the level of reaction he is getting. This egg may push that over to, "Don't leave weapons lying around."