Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obento or Bento?

Which is it? Somewhere in my internet wanderings I read that 'obento' is more respectful. Well far be it from me to disrespect Mr. Bento or his little (rapidly growing!) family of bento-babe boxes...

Here's Jan's Mr. Bento of the day:

Chicken salad with red grapes next to baby greens; polenta wedges fried in a little hot chili oil and sprinkled with nanami togarashi; tomato slices with skewers of dill pickle and sweet pickled peppers; and sweet potato bread with a chocolate coin.

My bento is similar:

but with Mr. Honey Tangerine added, for the monkey in me!

It will be a long day beginning with Nietzsche and ending with a budget meeting. Give me strength, bento!!!


  1. Or how about bentou? Which is yet ANOTHER way to say it! LOL! I vote to keep it BENTO for now until I change my mind! :)

    The sweet potato bread look amazing! :)

  2. BENTOU!! I give up-oo.

    BUT my koi bento arrived today so I am about to rock bigtime! Also the black sheep bento which has engaged my existentialist heart. Excelsior!