Saturday, February 7, 2009

TGIF Bento

This was a nummy bento lunch. On top: tabouli salad made with kamut, a whole grain I adore; sugar snap peas and carrot stars; lower level, 'crab' leg surimi with key limes to squeeze over and horseradish sauce for dipping, plus (in wrap) the last of the rhubarb crisp.

Kamut has a nutty flavor and a great snap. And it is very satisfying; you just don't get hungry again for quite awhile.

Usually I eat lunch at my desk with the door open and just let students/colleagues wander in if they want to chat; but while eating this bento I said "Can you come back later??! I'm just eating my lunch."


  1. FL -

    I have never heard of kamut before! I am going to google it now and try to find it at the health food store ASAP! I usually use bulgar wheat when I make my tabouli, but I would love to try something different!

    I think u need to keep the door closed more often and enjoy your bento in peace! :) May I ask, are you a professor? I work in education too! ^^

  2. Avie, You will love kamut! My husband, not a big grain or health food lover by nature, will eat a bowl of it for a midnight snack! Yes I am a professor of philosophy when eating bentos and also when not.:)