Monday, February 16, 2009

Return from Oz Bento

Ham and egg "McMuffin"; coleslaw with pickled pepper and green onion flowers; veggies and cottage cheese; "Oh Yes!" cake and random wasabi peas from Asian grocery in Madison (score! great place and we spent a happy half hour there).

Jan's bento this morning was a hurry-up job. We are still recovering from our trip and my son's band performance, which was awesome and loud. Our snack bentos were fantastic and muchas gracias to Avie who created the snack bento concept and who should write a best-selling book about it - what a terrific idea. We felt great passing by McDonalds's and convenience stores, munching on our good munchies from home.

Here's a glimpse of 1:46 seconds from the band gig: my son is the guitar player in white toga with long hair (his band persona is Socrates of Shred). You will see their smoke machine suddenly kick into action and practically choke the audience, and if you listen carefully you can hear the smoke alarms go off:

It was truly amazing.


  1. FL -

    AWW! Thanks for the shout out! You are too kind (as usual)!

    Your son is an amazing guitar player and has awesome hair! LOL! :) You should be uber proud of him!

  2. Thanks Avie!! I wish I had that hair - it has been silky and stick straight since he was born. And boy has he worked hard at guitar!

  3. oh yes is korean's thing! so funny-
    bcuz i'm kroean and it's my favorite thing!
    Awesome kk nice!