Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Bento: Arrgh Maties!

Jan has tuna-tofu-miso burgers from JustBento's recipe page. In the same container, wasabi mayonnaise and a key lime half. Then: mixed seaweed salad from the Asian store in Madison (yummm!), an umeboshi onigiri from Sunday evening's batch, along with a little soy bottle; carrots and snow peas with a baby cheese; and little chocolate 'mushroom' cookies with M&M's.

My bento has most of the same stuff but arranged differently:

I wish I'd bought a case of the little mushroom-shaped cookies! They are not only cute, but they have the right proportion of chocolate to cookie: about 2:1.:)

These onigiri are the best batch I've made so far. The salty plums give them a snap and the rice was just right for molding together. I had meant for this batch to last all week but some pirate is raiding the supply. Nervously looking sideways for someone to blame.

And yesterday I found a new place to burn excess money: www.furoshiki.com. Great history of the furoshiki (cloth wrap for bento, a gift, or anything else you want to wrap nicely in a pretty cloth) and of course a wide range of gorgeous furoshiki for sale. Care and tying methods also explained on the 'about' page. I ordered one called 'Rabbit Moon'. The image of a rabbit staring at the moon must have some significance because it turns up on so many Japanese things. To me it just stirs vaguely sad and lonely feelings but also makes me want to buy it...strange.


  1. 呵呵 很喜欢你的盒饭 学着做

  2. FL -

    I think I own the exact furoshiki you are talking about! LOL!!! We are turning into twin bento babes! :)

    I STILL have not used my Mr Bento! I am saving it for a special occasion - like a picnic but it is too cold right now. :(

  3. Avie, Mr.Bento is a serious quantity of food; I save him for verrry long days where I need breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Jan does nto like to eat breakfast at home so it is perfect for him. The thing I love most is the soup option. It is just so comforting to have miso soup at my side!! I think Mr B would be great for a picnic as you could share. Here's to spring and bento picnics galore!

  4. Missing your bento posts. Will you please post soon?