Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mexican Bento

A little bit Mexican anyway...whole wheat burritos made with soy filling and cheese. Jan has cottage cheese and salsa with avocado, carrots and sugar snap peas, and dessert of wasabi peas with M&M's and two wafer Bahlsen cookies.

I have burrito, sour cream and salsa; carrots & almonds, tangerine and a strawberry crammed in the side with Pocky on top.

Very faint little "ole!" for an icy Tuesday!


  1. OOOO!!! I WILL HAVE THAT BENTO NOW PLEASE!!!! They both look great! I want Jan's though because i LUV avocado!!!

    BTW - I have decided you guys eat WAY too healthy!! HA HA HA!! :)

  2. Avie, we were surprised how good this soy taco filling turned out to be. it looked pretty unpromising: dry brown crumbles. Add boiling water & let sit. It was super! Like very finely ground beef with taco seasoning, and perfect for bento-size burritos (rolls up flat due to its fine texture). Woot! I love avocado too - you saw here the supreme sacrifice of avocado to significant other. I am a saint. :)