Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soba Bento

O how I love soba noodles!

Did you know soba are lower in carbohydrates than most other types of noodle? Important for diabetics and dieters. These lovely buckwheat noodles stand up to a sauce, keep their texture, and are very satisfying in a bento lunch. They always get a high score on the NHAB Scale: Not Hungry Again Bento.

So today, in the midst of a cold snap (it's 1 degree F. outside as I write!), my bento has:

Spinach sauteed briefly in olive oil, sesame soba, carrots and 'egg rolls' (flat omelet rolled and sliced); then in the other tier, sugar snap peas, clementine, and blueberries.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. My friend in MN tells me that you guys are in the middle of a blizzard... be safe!

  2. AAhhh it is so cold!!!!! I almost cried walking in from my car this morning. Temperature is 1 and wind is 784 mph.

  3. 1 degree F?! Oh my! That's so cold!
    Hope you are alright and that your bento was good at this cold day ;)

  4. Thanks lil'chan! I am staying at work where the heaters are strong! My poor dogs are at home wearing jackets inside!