Thursday, December 10, 2009

My New Favorite Bento Seller on EBay

Oh my...I have been browsing unnecessary bento boxes on EBay and I found a new favorite seller: priesjapan. They are located in Japan but have pretty reasonable shipping, and a 'new buyer' offer of two shippings for the price of one.

I feel a bit guilty in telling you about their bento boxes because...they are so cute!!
And their descriptions in killer-cute Engrish are even better. I just bought the one above. Here is part of the information from their ad:

And there's more, about size of bento boxes:

"Most failure at the purchase of a lunch box is size differences.
Even if size is describing numerically, you should not have feelings.
If this is seen, you can realize a size, as it had a lunch box in the hand.
Your failure is defended!"

I feel much better.

"A Lunch Box is a casket of lunch.
All the menus are settled in one.
A full-course lunch starts at the moment of opening a Lunch Box.
Let's enjoy Japanese Lunch Box Menu using this Lunch Box!"

OK!! I'm in. Even if you aren't shopping for bento boxes, go look at their collection. They are the real thing!

I admit I also bought this one, even though it was a bit $$$:

I could not resist the inscription" The sheep is saying, "WHY AM I FEELING SO COLD?" Haha; too perfect for this frigid winter day.


  1. Oh man, I am sold! That is too cute :D

  2. bentoforkidlet: They have dozens of supercute bentos of types I have never seen. Including some big men's bentos. And some wood-grain ones that are gorgeous.

  3. Those boxes are really cute! Could you post a link to that shop? Would be nice ;)

  4. lil'chan: They don't have an actual EBay store, just lots of items. But here's the link to their item list (I hope):

  5. Yes, if you cut & paste that link it gets you to their listings. Sorry I don't know how to make a direct clickable link in the comments...

  6. Hi BentoBabe, I've been a silent follower of your blog, but I have given you a Kreativ Blogger award, one of seven given to my favourite blogs.

    I've posted details of the award here, it's a pass-it-on deal, I recieved an award, passed it on to you, and you do the same!

    Amy xx

  7. Thanks so much Amykins!!! Will do.