Monday, December 7, 2009

"How Have You Been?"

I love it when my lunch talks to me.

Especially in a helfpul, slightly enabling manner.

This little bento is willing to bring me anything, anything! I could ask it for rubies, or a horse property in Kentucky. A new saddle! Or maybe this bento box has magic powers and could make it not be Monday.

As it is, it is bringing me 3 fat umeboshi and black sesame onigiri, soy sauce in the bunny, ginger pork meatballs, and veggies, with a nice pear tied up in the furoshiki.

What more could I want really?!


  1. Looks delicious ^.^ The Onigiri look great, but I think they won't be my taste. But the other things, hmmmm^^ Good you ate them, because I would have stolen them, if not ;)

  2. Lil'chan: Don't you like ume plums? I never thought I would, until I became addicted to them!