Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast Bento and a Pomegranate Tip

Friday I had to get to work extremely early so I brought a breakfast bento.

In the top container, yogurt, blueberries, and some nuts.
In the bottom container, a toasted mini-bagel with peanut butter, a clementine, and some pomegranate seeds.

Now here's a neat way to get your pomegranate seeds out & separated without producing a bloody mess on your counter.

Slice just barely through the pomegranate skin from the outside, in quarters, like this:

Then peel the skin down gently along the slices, to reveal the seeds in all their glorious little compartments:

The seeds can then easily be removed and you don't smash them, as you would when cutting the whole fruit in sections first.

Usually when I make a great discovery like this, it turns out that everybody knew it forgive me if this tip is already general knowledge!


  1. Nice and yummy breakfast ;)
    And thanks for the tip =)

  2. Lil'chan: It was tasty! And you are very welcome. Love me some pomegranates!

  3. Great tip! I usually separate my pomegranates in a bowl of water. The arils sink to the bottom but the white pithy stuff floats, so when you're done you can just skim off the white stuff and dump the rest into a strainer. Plus, the water keeps the arils from spraying everywhere if they burst!

  4. Amy, that is a terrific idea! And I did not know there is a word for pomegranate seeds: 'arils'. Cool! I love learning a new word.

  5. I was over at your horse site when I noticed your bento link. How very cool! I had no idea how many ways you can pack a bento box!!

  6. Symphonious: We will draw you into the insane world of bento lunches!! You are getting sleepy, are searching on EBay for bento box sellers.....bwahahaaaa!! Srsly, bento lunches are the bomb.