Friday, September 11, 2009

Szechuan Green Beans at 5 a.m. and "Tool Academy"

The fragrance of them in your kitchen is so delightful! So why not cook them at 5 a.m.?

Getting up very early this term and so far it is working out well. The gym is not at all crowded, and the sun comes up over the lake out the big plate glass windows while I am marching in the air on the elliptical and watching "Tool Academy"* or some such cultural enrichment program.

In this bento I had leftover shiitake mushroom and steak stir fry, white rice, and the fresh Szechuan green beans, along with a mandarin and some blueberries & two chocolates.

In this second bento I had a salad but I have to report bad behavior on the part of Hello Kitty:

Kitty has little snap closers on each side, and something in my bag flipped one of the closers in transit so Kitty spilled her guts all inside my bag. This is not a great design! It adversely affected my mood to find olive oil and green pepper chunks all over the Iliad. But I got most of it back into Kitty and the lunch was good. Lesson learned.

*"Tool Academy" is a reality TV show in which bad boyfriends (the Tools) are sent to boot camp style training to become better. I've only seen it once, on the elliptical, but I stayed longer to see how several of these relationships would turn out. Almost all of the guys seem like contenders for Penitentiary PrimeTime, and their girlfriends have a hard and desperate edge. There's a lot of crying - just like life! - and every guy who succumbs to the exotic dancers, while hidden cameras capture his every lapse, has a million excuses: "They were always making fun of me in school!". Which would of course explain why you must now lick vodka out of a hot girl's navel as your ladyfriend watches in despair.


  1. OK, I cant stop laffing about your Tool Academy commentary! I never have seen an ep but I have seen the commercials... and yeah, another fine piece of tv viewing from the masterminds at VH1!!

    Sister - this is why you have to wrap your bento in a kinchaku or furoshiki! To avoid Miss Kitty spilling her precious guts onto your precious literature! :D

    Awesome meals, AS USUAL!!! And, I wanted to tell you that I am proud of you for getting up early and exercising! You are an inspiration!!

  2. Thank you Avie!! You have got to watch Tool Academy at least once; it is a landmark of....something. Furoshiki collection going to work harder in the future.

  3. 'it adversely affected my mood to find olive oil and green pepper chunks all over the Iliad'

    You are funny! Also the Tool Academy stuff. Can I assume you are in the university gym as VH1 is the channel of choice?

    Szechuan green beans sound divine!

  4. Kathy: yes! Over in Romano getting my dose of culture through VH1!