Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some Regular Bentos

Nothing very special in my bentos lately, but tasty lunches nevertheless!!

Grilled chicken and grilled zucchini; dill pickle potato salad; cucumber rice vinegar pickles, green beans and tomatoes fresh from the farmshare, a lychee cookie.

Fried egg and cilantro sandwich on Uncle Paul's bread; chips and coconut roll cookies, a Ferrero Roche truffle.

Whole wheat tortilla rollups with scrambled egg and cilantro; hard salami rolls over a Babybel cheese; fresh cucumber and carrot slices; who knew that black sesame seeds on the carrots would look so very much like BUGS?!

Big Kitty has a leftover barbecue steak salad; Little Kitty has an assortment of crackers, cheese, and Asian cookies.

Fun fun fun!! I can hardly remember when lunch was a carton of yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich, day after day...

And just to be crazy, here's a picture of me on my horse John at yesterday's competitive trail event; we had to walk in this river for quite a way, and John was so happy to get his tootsies wet & get a big drink. A nice young woman was taking pictures of all competitors and posted them on Facebook later.


  1. FL - your bentos are always special!! I remember when you first started this blog - you have come such a long way into bento-ing! I love your style and creativity!

    YEAH! I think that is the first picture I have ever seen of you!! It is still hard to see ya, but you look lovely! And John too! :P

  2. Thank you Avie! It's been quite a journey...Johnnie is my 1000-pound blonde bombshell!! :)