Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Day New Semester Bento!!!

Cold sesame soba with green beans, shoyu tamago, rice vinegar pickles, carrots with ume vinegar and sea salt, and a sliced white nectarine.

Honest to Parker this was one of the best bentos I've ever eaten. I am trying to figure out why. Possible explanations:

1. The soba noodles were unusually good. I don't use a recipe any more for the sauce and sometimes it's a little myeh, but this time it was terrific.

2. The pickles were spicy and cold.

3. The carrots got just the right amount ume'd by lunch time.

4. The nectarine was sweet and had that honey fragrance white ones sometimes have.

But most of all: I was starving, because this is day 1 of my new regime: Get up at 4, get to work by 6, hit the gym there at 6:30 when it opens, jump on my favorite elliptical, realize that I have forgotten my earphones so I have to lip-read junky TV for 60 minutes, then go to the weight room and pretend I know what I'm doing with all those machines for 20 minutes, then go to the showers and try to hide my body from the 19 year olds so they don't contract a crippling fear of later life, then be at my desk by 8:15 and start thinking about my bento lunch.

"Hunger is the best sauce"; my mother's saying collection, saying #284.

This shall be my process for T-TH-SAT all this semester, except for Sat when I will come home and take a nap instead of going to work. That's my plan anyway.


  1. Huger IS the best sauce! I think the BEST meal I ever had was a wonder bread and cheap ham sandwich that was given to me after a LONG day of hiking in Natural Falls Park in Arkansas. I really worked up an appetite and will never forget how that horrible food tasted so nice!

    Yeah for back to school!!! We have been in class for about 2 weeks now! You northerns are lucky to start so late! :P

  2. We don't get to start until the State Fair in Minneapolis has ended; that's so that people can park on the twin cities campus, and so that my campus can have the same calendar. How bizarre is that?! We wait till people are all done buying deep-fried Snickers bars etc...