Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barbecue Bento

Is there anything better in a bento than leftover barbecued meat??! Well probably there is. But.

Jan's bento is big today because these days just before classes start are some of his busiest. I thought he might enjoy a feast including leftover bratwurst and steak, stir-fried sesame noodles, fresh strawberries and some Asian sweets of indeterminate nature.

Sriracha in the HK container! I love this stuff. My older son eats steamed jasmine rice with sriracha on it every night for dinner in his little messy dorm room. While this sounds a little heart-breaking, he says it is perfect. He has always been one to glom onto something he likes and stick with it through thick and thin. "The bullheaded one."


  1. I have to agree, barbecued meat is the best. Especially if there is bratwurst! :) Great looking bento!

  2. Thanks Susan! me too on the bratwurst...