Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Protein Bentos


Since last spring I have been working out at the gym religiously (with one interruption for a hurt knee that came from stupidly jumping down from a pickup truck bed in a hurry).

My workout has come to be enjoyable!! I spend one hour on the elliptical machine, marching through space while unbelievable junk TV (like "Dance Your Ass Off")plays itself out before my eyes and commercials try to sell me sleep, and acne-free skin, and innovative forms of birth control.

Then I go to the weight room and mystify myself with settings and numbers and postures oh my, for 1/2 hour. Then I stretch in the designated stretching room, where I am in grave danger of falling asleep on the floor.

But all this means I must have some significant protein within a half hour or...who knows what might happen. Nothing, is my guess. But whatever helps me take the whole workout thing seriously is good. So today's bentos take account of that, along with the fact that Jan is recovering from a cold and feels poorly so gets a bigger bento than usual.

Top bento is Jan's: hard-boiled egg, candies, and Greek salad; with turkey pastrami roll-up sandwich and carrots & wheat chips.

Lower bento is mine: leftover veggie stir-fry and brown rice; fried tofu with black sesame seeds, hard-boiled egg, carrots.

To your good health!!! Uff da.


  1. Good for you! I am never motivated to work out in the mornings... or ever, really! ;)

    I see you got a new red HK box! I have the same design by mine is more square-ish.

  2. Avie, I love the slightly retro colors on this model of HK bento: the cream colored trim etc. It reminds me of something that I am too senile to place...

  3. Your blog has been awarded! There is an award waiting for you on my blog