Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bentos Every Day, and Hard-Partying Barbie

That is my goal and so far I am doing pretty darn well making bento lunches every day of the new semester.

Above we have the re-invasion of the octo-dogs; I tried to get them to hold hands but octo-dogs are more into fighting than making nice. They are resting on a bed of pinto beans, and there's a container of mixed Sriracha sauce and hoisin, which was the best octo-dog dipping sauce we have tried.

Jan's lunch on the same day continued the theme, but instead of strawberries he got a tier of mixed stir-fried veggies into which I added some rice vinegar and mirin for the last few minutes at a slightly lower temperature. They picked up a nice flavor! Jan has to watch the carbs so the vegetables are the better choice for him.

And this last bento had pasta with pesto sauce and fresh sweet pepper rings on top, a container of Parmesan, and a salad; Hello Kitty sidecar of Ak-Mak whole wheat crackers. Jan loved this one!

And for the pathos of it, I include here a photo I took at a birthday party today, after what was called "Barbie Wars" had been played by all the 467 kids present:

What is it that happens to poor Barbie's hair after the passage of indefinite time and hard use? I say nothing of her trampish belly tattoo.


  1. YEAH FOR OCTODOGS!!!! I have to say, that the ones in your bento (the 2nd pic) look like they are mating! Maybe baby octos to arrive soon?? LOL! SHAME ON ME!

    I am going to try your dipping sauce recipe - siracha is so hot but maybe if I try mixing it with something sweet like you suggest- it will be more palatable. Thanks for the tip!!!

    Oh dear, Barbie... cover your shame! XD

  2. Are we getting a glimpse of Barbie Gone Wild video star??? Is she flashing us??? LOL

    the Bentos are GREAT!

  3. Avie: You have such the biological mind!! Those octodogs do seem to be errr uummm maybe I need to use bento section dividers in future.

    Eilismaura: Yes!! If it is possible for Barbie to go wild, this one is done gone. :)

  4. BWAH HA HA!! Yep! Keep those guys separated! XD!!!!!

  5. LOL, I love the comments, too funny! I love pesto on everything, great bentos. Back in the day they made Barbie's hair much more resilient than nowadays. All of the hair on my daughter's Barbie's are beyond repair.