Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smash that Bento!

1. I'm continually amazed at how much food can fit in a regular-size bento box. After the burrito went into one there was a little empty corner, so I started putting sliced carrots in that spot and the entire good-sized carrot disappeared into that little space!

2. Nevertheless the burrito was a little too fat for the parallel placement you see here and there was no other way so it was Smash Your Food time. This actually worked out OK because it gave the burrito halves a nice solid consistency by lunch.

This is Jan's bento with an egg and cheese burrito, carrots and olives, Fritos chips and a sidecar of yummy salsa he made on Sunday night.


  1. Ohhh, I had peanut butter, banana and cream cheese burritos today in my bento.

  2. Arkonite: I need some of those; they sound terrific.

    Avie: it.