Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fishy Fishy but Egg Salad!

This little double-decker koi bento is one of my favorites but quite challenging to pack, for some reason.

In this one for Jan, I put egg salad - one of my ultimate comfort foods; when I am on my deathbed, bring me some egg salad with capers and Kewpie mayo and I will die quietly I promise! -- and a few slices of Cure 81 ham, plus sugar snap peas and Persian cucumber pickles I made hastily and they're so good.

Just as some bento boxes seem to take in way more food than you'd expect, some others take in less, and that's my feeling about little koi. It's killer cute, but you need to be strategic. Employ strategery. That kind of thing.


  1. But it's really cute ^.^ So I think that will made it fine also if not so much food fit's in ;)

  2. lil'chan: You are so right. There's got to be a mathematical logarithm where cute factor x content capability plus complex variables = bento perfection rating. Nom nom admire.

  3. Egg salad looks yummy on your bento, love the koi bento box :o)

  4. I agree! I have this box too and I think that the little tail section it hard to pack because it gets so small and tapered! Does that make sense??

    Have a fabbo weekend!