Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Salad Rolls!

I just love Thai salad rolls with lots of yummy cilantro and whatever fresh veggie ingredients are on hand. I am slooooowly getting better at working with the papery wraps they require: not burning my fingers in the water so much, for example and not breaking them in the rolling process.

My goal is to get to the point where I can just whip up 4-5 rolls for a dinner without making a big nervous production of it. The wraps store well in the frig and even come in a container meant to reclose...

So our lunches yesterday were these. Jan's at the top had the rolls, then in the bottom container spicy shrimp and sweet pepper fry-up, with part of my massive tomato harvest on top. The tomatoes are those little spheroid objects in pale red and green. Ha ha Mother Nature, you are a comedian. These tomatoes grew on the back deck to a certain point and then froze in time, neither reddening nor becoming larger. "That's it for us!", they cried in little squeaky tomato voices.

My bento:

has also some of these jokers, all of them green. We both have no-bake oatmeal fudge cookies as our treat, made from my mom's handwritten recipe which I will keep forever.


  1. Your rolls look amazing! I wish you good luck in making them perfekt in the future. And those little tomatoes are really funny ^.^ But on the other hand, right the size to fit in an bento ;)

  2. lil'chan: Yes maybe they were just trying to be helpful!!

  3. Are those wonton wrappers or rice paper wrappers? My wife insists that wonton wrapppers should be used for nothing but wontons. Rice paper for egg rolls, spring rolls, and more.

    But the stuff is tough. We soak them in lukewarm water, I think, before she gets creative.

    (Her egg rolls are cabbage free, something I dearly enjoy, from her mom.)

  4. Looks yummy! My daughter loves veggies in rice paper wrappers!

  5. David: They are the rice paper rolls that have a sort of basket imprint or texture...and they have to go in hot water for some time before they can roll. But mine have Savoy cabbage!! At least this time...

    Michelle: My sons are that way too!! Packaging is all. *-*

  6. The salad rolls look delish!