Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bentos a Little Bit Picnic

With fall drawing in and cooler weather, I still have a picnic going inside my head and the bentos of this week are in line with that.

Here is my bento on the left in blue, and Jan's on the right in red rabbit usagi:

Fried rice made with brown basmati, a two-colors-of-tomatoes salad heavy on the cilantro, and Jan has some steak strips on crab picks and a hard boiled egg for manly protein (and to reduce the amount of rice in his lunch, due to its being so carby).

Jan's bento for today has egg salad, coleslaw left over from last night, cheese and salami hearts, cold sesame noodle with cilantro and sweet red pepper rings, and 3 Three Musketeers bars, highly recommended by a friend.


  1. Jan does mind the red bunny box? My hubby would be too "embarrassed" to use one like that! You are lucky that Jan is a good sport! Does he get his bento in a furoshiki?

  2. Jan is very brave about carrying in these bentos, panda, bunny, even HelloKitty; sometimes they are wrapped in a cutesy tied furoshiki too. I have often wondered how kyoot I could get and still not cause him to say "uuummmm..." Haven't found his threshold yet.

  3. By now the lunch bunch knows Jan may bring in something... unusual. I think they (and by they I mean I) are jealous that someone makes such FABULOUS lunches for him and we all just have... well, pretty much nothing worth mentioning...

  4. Great looking bentos and the bento boxes and sauce containers are so cute! The fried brown basmati rice sounds good too.