Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slightly Mexican Bento for a Frigid Tuesday

We so cold! Minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. My dogs hate going outside in this and I can't blame them.

Jan's bento has a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around egg, jalapenos, and cheese, lettuce and broccoli, pinto beans mashed into frijoles, sour cream, salsa, and some pretzel pieces. In the carry bag is a clementine and a fortune cookie.


  1. Nice spicy foods to warm you up on such a chilly day!! I am in Missouri right now and it is in the single digits... UGGG! This Texas girl aint used to freezin' her buns off!

  2. It may be cold - but is it DRY out??

    Cold is bad - can be very bad -- but lots of snow/ice is worse!

    BTW - the bento is interesting - hmm need to see how I can adapt it for myself.

  3. Oh my! So cold? Can't imagine!
    So I think spicy food is the best! And this looks really delicious.

  4. Avie: Missouri is not set up for cold! Hope you get back home soon.

    Eilismaura: It is pretty dry here this week. It can almost feel nice - for awhile.

    Lil-chan: Thanks! The report was 'awesome bento'. I think I'll try that combo again.

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