Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Bento for the Soup Win Again!!

When you need soup for lunch, nobody does it better than Mr. Bento. The containers never leak, the outer tube is insulated, and miso soup that starts out blazing hot in the morning is still tasty-warm by noon.

I also had some lemongrass ramen with some of the new crop of bean sprouts I grew in my kitchen window, my little winter farm:

They are so snappy and good! They make a very nice addition to a sandwich, omelet, or tortilla wrap.

Everybody bento!


  1. I never thought of trying to grow my own sprouts. But in your bento it looks really delicious ;)

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  2. yummy, this bento looks so delicious! And the sprouts are really nice :D

  3. Lil'chan: Oh my gosh thank you!!

    Token: Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I want the soup! I want it, I want it! *Badly :D~~~*. Btw, you got an award from me. Pick it up at my blog :D

  5. Love the sprouts! It would be a first for me if attempt it! LOL!

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  6. "Snappy and good"--yes indeed! Excited to see your sprout project incorporated with bento lunches--yay :) This lunch is a great advertisement for Mr. Bento--wow!! Also love the pretty ocean-themed background...

  7. I have an award for you! Please come on by to pick it up:)

  8. Flying Lily - where did you go? Missing you!

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  12. i love the glass jar with your magic mushrooms in. what an excellent and attractive storage method. the spring onions look amazing in the soup, also.
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  14. i love bento so much, thanks for sharing. ^^

  15. Next time, you should try to configure the sprouts like an old battleship stuck in the glass barrel...

  16. I need to learn how to make it. I can use it often in my kitchen.


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