Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Hello Kitty" has a whole family??

Who knew?? These characters are on the side of a pack of Kitty crackers Avie sent me in my box-o-treats. Who are they all? Does each one have bento boxes and must I own them all??

Today Jan and I have almost identical lunches which include a strange mango that never would ripen properly: it sat and sat, then finally I gave up and cut it this morning. Tastes fine but not quite the right texture, too crunchy.

Fried rice with spinach, chicken andouille sausage chunks on skewers, raw carrots, and mango with a fruit pick; then Jan also has Kitty crackers and a few jelly beans for cheerfulness. And I get mango nectar in my Scribble-Pig thermos. Not shown: my O-YES! choco-cake, the last one from our Madison shopping extravaganza awhile back.

Mango memory: When I was a little girl my dad rode the mail trains all the length of the eastern seaboard of Florida. They handed out mailbags at each little town and sometimes got handed back in a present. A typical present was an entire grocery bag filled with ripe mangoes. He would bring home dozens of them and we would feast like kings, the juice dripping down our skinny arms, oh it was heavenly.


  1. How cool about the mangos!! I bet when ever you eat them now - you are brought back to those days as a little girl! How special! ^^

    Aren't those kitty cookies yummy??? I had to buy a few more boxes for myself! NOM NOM!

  2. The Kitty cookies are scrumptious. And yes I do get a rush of memories from just the fragrance of a mango, let alone the taste...