Thursday, May 7, 2009

'But the instructions made it sound so easy!'

Things we won't be trying again soon: making egg flowers for bento.

This sorry mess, the massacre of an innocent egg, was the result. Beneath the shards of my dignity there are nice cold sesame noodles, and the other half of Mr. Koi has raw carrots splashed with plum vinegar and couple of nice crisp olives. The vinegar will caress these carrots all morning and by noon they will be fragrant and salty and tangy...yum.

Jan is getting the koi bento today; mine has the same contents minus the axe-murdered egg, but plus Hello Kitty cookies in the lid:

And speaking of koi: the new place where I am boarding my horse John has a pond with actual koi in it!! They are orange, white, and orange-and-white, very pretty and mystical. Somehow fish create an alternate reality of quiet under the surface of the everyday. I love watching them!

1 comment:

  1. Egg flower? Not sure what it is but the lunch looks awesome! I have no idea what you are seeing but all I see is yumminess!!!

    Can you take pics of the koi, please? I love koi and for my 30th b-day in a few months - I am considering a koi tattoo! ^^