Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello Grilling!!

Jan got a new grill and ladies, you know what that means. He is particularly excited that it has a smokestack. This is a functional item that allows the griller to....ermmm...adjust the smoke? I don't know.

But we will definitely have more grilled things now since our old one was a freebie Weber kettle from my friend Laura and was missing some venting parts.

Today's bento is a Hello Kitty salad with leftover grilled shrimp and steak strips:

I've been pretty busy with horse transactions (sold Montana, equine dentist visit, etc.) so the bento aspect of life has been on hiatus. Horses can take up as much time (and money!) as you have to offer, I have discovered. But the feeling of freedom is quite well worth it:

This summer I am looking forward to testing my bento-packing skills with the ultimate horseback bento lunch. Anything that can stand up to that much jiggling will be a sturdy lunch indeed.


  1. YEAH!!! Look at Jan! He looks so happy in his man-grilling world!!! Boys are so silly - they all love to grill, dont they? But that is good cuz we can eat the results! :)

    Glad to see your back bentoing! Love the horse pic too!!

  2. Yay gotta love a grillin guy. And the leftovers are so nummy in bento.

  3. Nothing better than grilled food! :) My daughter and I wish we could have a horse, unfortunately we live in the city.

  4. Susan, I live in town too but board my horse just outside of town...it is not as nice as having him 'in the backyard' but it does mean no daily horse chores... Completely agree about grilled food!!