Monday, August 17, 2009

Berry Bento for a Monday

Getting back into bento-packin, since fall semester is almost here.

Today we have egg salad with fresh dill, sugar snap peas from my farmshare box, carrots and romaine from same; then blueberries, strawberry-jam-fail-sauce, plain yogurt with a watermelon heart, and some wheat crackers.

In addition to buying a farmshare of veggies every summer, I also buy a flower share from a different farmer. She delivers a bunch of flowers to your back door every week for 8 or 10 weeks depending, along with an essay about the names and attributes of all the flowers.

Here's my divided bouquet from last week:

1. The blue and white flowers I put in the window.

2. The orange and yellow flowers I put inside where I like their colors against wood:

I am a firm believer in buying flowers for yourself!! Yes, it's nicer when some handsome swain buys them, but the swains are a little sparse on the ground these days so I go to plan B and they are still just as beautiful.


  1. What wonderful flowers!!! How amazing!

    The bento looks great - as usual! School is here in Oklahoma! Many schools started last week and we have a few stragglers this week... busy busy busy!! X___X

  2. yes, isn't it kind of exciting when the campus starts to change at the end of the summer? I love that...the bookstore has a little miniature dorm room as a window display and it made me want to sleep in that window...